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May 1st 2014: So, I'm finally fed up of all the spam mails that we have received lately due to any robots searching for mail addresses on every possible web site. These pieces have meanwhile grown so intelligent that they have cracked our encryption (it wasn't probably very tricky...). I've embedded our mail addresses as bitmaps hoping this will last a while.
Will soon change the addresses as well.
November 5th 2011: =Acoustic Woodworks= goes online. Web site for Unplugged projects of Higgins and Stefan.
November 5th 2011: Snaps of Pegnitzb�hne gig are online.
May 28th 2011:ATTENTION:
The gig in Pegnitzb�hne has been moved from Oct, 16th to Oct, 15th
April 3rd 2011:Snaps of our gig at the 20th Blues Will Eat at K4
are ready to view at the BWE homepage.
April 2nd 2009:Finally a new date found for gig in Pegnitzb�hne:
April 17th 2009.
Yahoo mailing list removed due to low interest. If you like to be informed please send us an informal e-mail. See Contact 
January 14th 2009:The planned gig on 2009-02-06 in Pegnitzb�hne has to be cancelled due to organisational reasons! Sorry!
December 4th 2008:Page "discography" was renamed to "music" and contains also music files which have not been published on CD. New files: Live recording of the gig in Kofferfabrik on November 19th 2008.
October 15th 2008:The Factory - bluesXtended resides with the song
Brittle Ice   on the sampler OMC#4 of OpenMusicContest of AStA Marburg.
September 20th 2008:Finally managed to add some snaps of the BWE festival 2008. Many thanks to Thomas Grzenkowski for the pictures.
New gigs in November!
September 4th 2008:Possibility added to switch between English and German language
July 29th 2005:BluesXtended.de goes online

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