T h e    B a n d

The band "The Factory" was founded in 1984.

We’ve remained true to our goal of experiencing the sheer pleasure of skillful music. The fun with Rock 'n Blues rather than aiming for commercial success.

We consider ourselves a rock band with a very strong Blues touch. A large part of our repertoire consists of our own compositions. Sung in English, the accumulated influences of the Blues and Rock scene of the sixties are reflected in our songs. In our lyrics it is mainly all about loving, the life and the suffering. You just have to listen, feel and experience, the Blues...

With various cover versions of e.g. Robert Johnson, Rory Gallagher, up to ZZ-Top or even Ray Charles, we complete our varied program. In a loose order various Blues classics, emotional ballads and grooving Rock ´n Blues link up and complement each other. Interesting arrangements of well-known songs take you by surprise. Sometimes a little bit differently than usual also known songs surprise by an interesting arrangement.

The Blues gives our music the base for very personal expression possibilities. The limits are wide and remain flexible by creativity. This is BluesXtended!

The band has consisted from the beginning as a trio, using only: guitar, bass and drums. This is the only way we can get our spontaneity over on the stage.

"The Factory - bluesXtended" is:

Higgins:             vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, harp
Stefan Köbler:    bass, vocals & 12 string guitar
Rudolf Schmitt:  drums & percussion

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