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Kofferfabrik - Live (19.11.2008)

Not available on CD but exclusively as download!
koffer 1. cheap dreams  note
2. back to you  note
3. glas of pain  note
4. roots  note
5. pleasure without mercy  note
6. ease on my mind  note
7. running back  note
8. when the sun turned out the light  note
9. life rotate  note

Recording of the live gig in the Kofferfabrik in Fürth on November 19th 2008.
Many thanks to our loyal fans und to Spacer the PA-mixerman for the good sound on-site!
It was a great pleasure to play the blues wednesday for you!
Special thanks to the intergalactic sender of spurious radio emissions at the end of "Back To You" ;-)

worn out... (2006)

wornout 1. back to you  note
2. depression blues
3. life rotate  note
4. the blues comes, but the train didn't  note
5. the rain fell after midnight  note
6. time after time (lyrics: Krister Jonsson)  note
7. worn out  note
Drums by Thomas Lunz

The Garage Sessions (2003)

garage 1. brittle ice  note
2. do it with choice  note
3. sometimes  note
4. now I've got the blues  note
5. walking by myself
6. driftin'
7. bullfrog blues

handcrafted woodworks (2001)

handcraft 1. sometimes  note
2. walking with my shadow  note
3. before you accuse me
4. changes  note
5. I feel blue  note
6. always the same  note
7. walking blues
8. wasted time  note
9. leaving blues
Drums by Rolf Vizthum

A Rough Cut of Rock'n Blues (1996)

rough cut 1. cheap dreams  note
2. million money running town  note
3. malted milk
4. tomorrow  note
5. kindhearted woman blues
6. if you have a good friend
7. take one step at a time
8. gentle giants  note
9. what's going on




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